The RC Partnership with Uduk Hope, Inc

Page Updated: 11/12/17
Featured Photo Above: Uduk Hope Leaders Liasor and Christine Dima

What was the RC’s initial role in a partnership with Uduk Hope?

  • Executive Director Brian Babcock facilitated the legal formation of Uduk Hope as a 501 (c)3 non-profit, working with Liasor’s father Salle Daniel and a Buffalo Law Form.

  • Formed an Uduk Hope Advisory Team within the RC’s Board of Directors to assist the Executive Director in consulting with the leadership in planning, research, and launching the ministries of Uduk Hope.

  • Facilitated “connections” and “conversations” with Free Methodist Church USA:Genesis Conference, SIM, and other church and non-profit organizations in the USA, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.

  • Assisted in the initial fund-raising to send an exploratory team to Ethiopia and South Sudan in June 2016. The goals of this team were to: 

    • Do an on-site assessment of the needs of the Uduk people (and other Sudanese groups) in the UN operated refugee camp at Doro (South Sudan).

    • Meet with Church leaders, other approved nongovernmental (NGO) organizations already working at the camp, and seek reliable vendors with whom to contract in supplying food and other resources within the camp.

    • Seek individuals who could form the beginning structures for distributing the aid once at the camp .

Uduk children

Some “Follow-up Steps” Included:

Continue to facilitate conversation that will laid the foundations for the exploratory team’s visit in June through August 2016.

  • Contacts made with the superintendent of the Free Methodist Church in Ethiopia.

  • A  videoconference using Zoom technology with the FMC Africa Area Director in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Contacts with World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, World Relief, SIM, The Global Wesleyan Alliance, World Concern, HART,  and others initiated.

  • Sought RC donations to cover the cost of the three-person Exploratory Trip in June. Initial estimates of the airline reservations, VISA applications, in country transportation, housing, meals, and security escorts ran approximately $7,000-$8,000.

  • Continue consultation work with the Uduk Hope leadership.

  • Implemented earlier plans to provide tutoring for Uduk children and adults in the Heart and Soul Congregation here in the Rochester, NY.

  • The formation of an Uduk Hope Choir.

Current Involvement Involve:



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