Uduk Hope College Scholarship Fund

Featured Image: Liasor and Christine Bell Dima

Page Added: 9/27/17

The Rochester Connection (RC) is an approved 501©(3) Ministry of the Genesis Conference of the Free Methodist Church, USA.

One of our ministries over the last several years has been assisting a group of South Sudanese (Uduk people group) in forming their own 501©(3) charity (now named UDUK Hope Inc.), to support family members and other families in UN Refugee Camps in South Sudan and Ethiopia.

In 2016 we helped sponsor a team of three persons from the Heart and Soul Community Church in Rochester to travel to the Doro Refugee Camp in South Sudan to work with the Church there in forming an onsite Uduk Hope team. Since then that onsite team has been working with the leadership of Uduk Hope Inc., here in Rochester, in a number of service ministries including a school lunch program in the camp and a camp retail ministry to provide goods only available off the campsite.

October 3, 2017, Liasor Dima, the Executive Director for Uduk Hope, and a member of the Heart and Soul Community Church, FMC in Rochester, New York, will be traveling to Ethiopia to visit three additional refugee camps (the Sherkole and Tongo Refugee Camps) where members of the Uduk people group reside in exile. Liasor will be traveling as an official representative of the Free Methodist Church, Genesis Conference under the cover of the Rochester Connection.

His planned agenda calls for the following:

  • To visit all three refugee camps and, in cooperation with the Church leadership, form an Uduk Hope onsite team in each camp.

  • To meet with representatives of the Assosa University to attempt to finalize plans being made for a scholarship program for qualified young people from the three camps to attend university. The RC has already set aside $1,000 for 2018 to sponsor the first two scholarships. The estimated cost for one year of study at this accredited University is $500 including tuition, room, and board.

  • He has also been meeting with United Bible Society and the Executive Director of Wycliffe translators, UK in a multi-year attempt to complete the translation of the Old Testament into the Uduk language.

  • It is also hoped that he will be able to spend time with the superintendent of the Free Methodist Church in Ethiopia, and NGO leaders to explore other ministry opportunities and partnerships.

Christine Bell Dima had planned to travel with her husband Liasor, but because of current security and safety reasons will be flying home from Oxford, England while Liasor goes on to Ethiopia.

We solicit your prayers that God’s Spirit will go before Liasor in the month of October and open doors for a successful launching of each of the above goals. Much work has already been invested in these efforts to set the stage for Liasor’s visit.

Please also pray for Liasor’s safety and affordable housing during the time there.

Pray that God will already be working in the minds and hearts of the Uduk Church leadership, at these three camps, to come up with trusted, responsible members to appoint to the Uduk Hope onsite team

We will be tracking with Liasor while there and updating you on his safety and ministry progress.

Contributions to support any of these Uduk Hope ministries may be made by tax-deductible check to the Rochester Connection or online at the Uduk Hope Inc. website. There are no administrative costs for gifts to and through the RC. Note “UDUK Hope” on the memo line. (Use the Team Hundred20 form link above.)

Thank you.

Rev. Dr. Brian D. Babcock, Executive Director

Rochester Connection

c/o 33 Parnell Dr.

Churchville, NY 14428