Team One Hundred — The Sequel

Team One Hundred–The Sequel is a blueprint for continued long-term ministry support at Heart and Soul Community Church in Rochester, NY. It is individuals, congregations, and groups committed to prayer and giving one-time annual or monthly gifts to supplement the ministries of this City congregation.


Be sure to see the ministry photos
and view the YouTube video attached at the bottom of this page!


Heart and Soul Community Church is a multi-cultural, multi-racial, and international Christian community in the heart of some of Rochester, NY’s most marginalized and violent neighborhoods. To effectively minister, this mission church continues to benefit from long-term, broad-based support from churches and individuals outside their immediate congregation.

The Rochester Connection partnered with Heart and Soul Community Church between 2008 and 2010 to renovate their building and also strengthen their needed inner city ministry. (See Archive Folder) While facility issues have been resolved, ministry opportunities and leadership training continue to be addressed. Team One Hundred–The Sequel is a means of financially underwriting the neighborhood ministries hosted by this congregation.

In 2009, Team One-Hundred raised up some 60 individuals who ended up giving $10,000/year for the last 5-years! Some of the original 60 have continued into year six. We are now seeking to revisit this means of ministry support with Team One Hundred—The Sequel!


For planning purposes, the RC is seeking new and renewed Team One-Hundred members who will make a pledge and trust God to enable them to keep it. We are praying for one hundred individuals, groups, or congregations who will commit to giving $120 or $240 annually over the next few years (That’s $10 or $20 a month).


Why the small amount? Two primary reasons:

(1) Most individuals are already supporting their local church ministries and missionaries. The RC does not wish to distract from this primary focus of your tithes and offerings. And,
(2) Many of our original members were retirees on fixed incomes. 

Small gifts add up and involve many more in not only financial support but in remembering this ministry in prayer each time a check or money order is sent.

One hundred gifts of $120 quickly add up to $12,000 a year. $240 becomes $24,000. Some can and have given much more for which we are thankful but our starting point is a gift of $10 or $20 a month.

Later this fall H&S is producing a new ministry video. The RC and others will be hosting events in church members’ homes to view the film and get a personal update from Pastor Louis. Be sure to check that box to receive an invitation.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration to (re) join this unique Team. A NEW Team One Hundred Pledge Form is attached for you to complete and return to the RC for recording purposes. Instructions are given on the form for mailing your gift of support.


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From: Rev. Dr. Brian D. Babcock

Here is the original mailing flyer prepared for the first Team One Hundred in 2009

Old Team 100 poster


Here is a sample of some H&S Ministries you will be supporting:

IMG_8769        IMG_8770                    IMG_8778

IMG_8779         IMG_8773

View YouTube Videos

View VBS 2013 Video

View GuiDance H&S’ Teen Worship Dance Team.


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