“Securing the Facade”: Heart & Soul Community Church

Here is a pictorial update on the Wall Repair Project on Heart and Soul Community Church (H&S)  meeting facility. Thank you to the Edgewood FMC whose quarterly support of the Rochester Connection funded this project.

Phase One: 

A New Kind of “Block” Ministry

THANK YOU!  (10/10/14)  Keith Snyder (Edgewood FMC); Tim Mitchell from Lithopolis, Ohio; David McKnight, (H & S); and I worked on securing the loose block facade across the front of 1185 N. Clinton. Dick Herman (East Williamson) and Roberts Wesleyan College (Rich Greer) provided the scaffolding, Mendal Dick, (Pearce Memorial) provided the large impact drill unit.

We have been tracking the migration of these large decorative blocks since we began the renovation work in 2008.  The goal was to move the loose blocks back into place, re-mortar them, and then use anchor bolts to secure them in place. Moving the block back into place proved impossible without causing further damage to the blocks above and to the integrity of the roof though the bolts did pull them back in a bit (1/4″ to 1/2″). We succeeded in anchoring them with bolts and mortar. As the pictures show the block are now secured and posed no danger of falling.

Some loose paint still needs to be removed along with applying new sealer and fresh paint.

Sometime in the future perhaps we can get them covered and add a “new face” to H&S.

Brian Babcock

Before & Af ter Pictures.  Over the last 6 years the facade blocks had separated and the mortar had all fallen out. (Click on pictures for larger view.)


IMG_4926  IMG_0470

Work in Progress:

IMG_4933  IMG_4935  IMG_4938  IMG_4948

IMG_4958  IMG_4957  IMG_4936  IMG_4943

IMG_4952  IMG_4961  IMG_4962  IMG_4964

IMG_4965 IMG_4969        IMG_4972

 Phase 2A: Re-Sealing the Stucco Wall. (Posted 10.17.14)

As seen in the pictures above, the stucco section of the front wall is deteriorating from moisture and age. These pictures show our attempt to remove loose paint and re-seal the surface as a temporary solution. Thank you to Rick Kinde (Pearce) for his help and RWC for the loan of an additional set of scaffolding. Click for larger view.

IMG_5020  IMG_5018  IMG_0383   IMG_0381









IMG_5039     IMG_5032   IMG_0381

 Phase 2B: Re-Sealing and re-painting the Stucco Wall. (Posted 10.24.14)

Thank to Ron Gilliam (H&S) and Rick Kinde (Pearce). We (Ron) also cleared the roof, cleaned out the roof drain of the fruit and leaves from the Black Walnut tree, and reset the gutter flashing under the drip edge.

     IMG_0396 IMG_0398 IMG_0400 IMG_0402


Phase 2B or not 2B: Last day on the Scaffolding. (Posted 10.28.14)

IMG_0422 IMG_0410 IMG_0412 IMG_0415 IMG_0435 IMG_0434IMG_0428 IMG_0426 IMG_0424IMG_0421 IMG_0417 IMG_0447

IMG_0470 IMG_0442 IMG_0469 IMG_0468

One thought on ““Securing the Facade”: Heart & Soul Community Church

  1. That is what you call “heavy duty work” and rightly so!
    Such good work too! Thank you on behalf of HS!
    And Thanks To God!

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