Richard Rohr on White Privilege


Featured Photo: Harry Truman Presidential Library
New Post: 1/6/18

Some excerpts to ponder from an Interview with Father Richard Rohr

“Is it Peter Drucker who says something to this effect “Culture eats ideology for lunch!” Christianity is merely an ideology except among genuinely transformed/converted people. …”

“Jesus himself, who eschewed all power games (all three temptations in the desert are temptations to the misuse of power) — was made into Christ the King by Catholics, into a blond haired blue eyed capitalist by Protestants, into a teacher of obedience much more than love by all patriarchal groups; …”

“The problem is always the misuse of power, and it is just that the whites have historically appropriated the most power, but I have seen every other ethnic group abuse power too. …”

“Evil is always incapable of critiquing itself. Evil depends upon disguise and tries to look like virtue. …”

“In short, we have to recognize that from Moses, to the prophets, to Job, to Jesus, the Biblical message is on the side of the powerless, whereas we have been reading it since Constantine in the 4th century to shore up power, money, and war. That distorted our message at the core. …”

“Power never surrenders without a fight …”

“Jesus’ basic social agenda was simple living, humility, and love of neighbor. We all have to live this way ourselves, and from that position, God can do God’s work rather easily.


Photo from the Booker T. Washington Birthplace and Museum