Reclamation and Landscaping 2015


A nearly year-long project, facilitated and funded by the Rochester Connection focused the the one-acre lot behind the Heart and Soul Community Church’s worship center. This lot used for years for congregational activities and children’s ministry events, was covered by scrub trees, large vines, and large fill-dirt mounds and pits around the east and north sides. These overgrown areas had become hiding places for drug users an a collection point for discarded furniture and all manner of debris.

Starting in the spring of 2015 after clearing the debris, a bulldozer was hired to level and grade these area and removing the smaller tree growth. These areas where the raked out and seeded. In the early fall a company was hired to begin the removal of several large dead or dying trees and one large living tree blocking entrance to the lot and causing damage to the roof.

With the tree next the entrance gone H&S has been able to use part of property for additional parking in Sundays and have a “drive-around” exit out the north driveway.

Here are some pictures that the tell the story and display the celebration event that was hosted on the newly reclaimed property. Clicking on any picture will enlarge it for viewing.

Thank you to the Edgewood Free Methodist Church for their financial support of this City project.


Date posted: 2/22/16 BDB






Celebration in the End