RConnections: October 2017

Feature Photo: The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Recent RC Activities and Actions sent by email on 10/30/17

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(1)  A donation of $250.00 has been sent to the FMC USA Bishop’s Crisis Response Fund and designated for the purchase of Generators for Puerto Rico.

(2) Please continue to pray for:

  • Liasor Dima, as he finishes up his research and NGO contacts at the first of three planned Refugee Camp visits. Keep up-to-date with his ministries on Christine’s Blog Site.
  • Christine Dima, as she seeks professional employment in her career field. As some of you know, she is currently staying with Carol and me in Churchville as she interviews. 
  • Liasor and Christine, who will both need employment across these next five years—their personal commitment plans are to remain in the Rochester area for further schooling and ministry.

(3) I attended a Project URGE meeting in October to learn more about a Christian Community Development project based in part on Dr. John M Perkins ministries and Bob Lupton Focused Community Strategies (FCS) in Atlanta.

I also visited with Maria Wehrie at Furnished 4 Life Ministries,  in Rochester, toured their Thrift Store on Mount Hope, and spoke at length about their Annual Christmas Store (based on the FCS model). Participant were encouragement to create others like it to serve other neighborhoods in the City. 

The goal of the Christmas Store project is to give “the gift of pride for parents in being able to provide affordable gifts for their families” during the holiday season. I love the “theme” of “Giving the Gifts of Dignity and Hope to our Neighbors in Need.” 

This is exactly what some of us have dreamed of doing, instead of simply handing out gifts and clothing each Christmas!  Gifts and clothing are purchased, donated to the Christmas Store, and then discounted from 30%-50% or more and “sold” to parents who come and “shop” for their family.

Contacts are received from social agencies and Churches to ensure the family has a need. An invitation “ticket,” with a specific date and time, is given to the family to come and shop.

(4) Carol’s English Language Communication Workshop is going well each Tuesday. Christine Dima has joined us as her schedule allows. She will be providing similar semi-private counseling to another woman at the same time and place beginning this week.

We are discussing the possible value of incorporating a Faith & Finances Workshop with this group in the future to further empower these women. 

(5) Any one else in the Rochester, NY region considering hosting a F&FW?  Complete a Host Site registration form and let’s talk. Carol and I continue to follow up the F&F Workshop in helping a City resident with budgeting and debt reduction.

(6) Our RC Website has undergone a major revision and reduction in content. See other ministries news and link there.

(7) As far as I am aware, my health status remains good. I have my 8-Week surgical check-up in November and then should be allowed to begin to lift more than 10#’s and get back into an exercise routine.

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Thank you

Rev. Dr. Brian D. Babcock, Executive Director

The Rochester Connection

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