Brian Babcock Scholarship for Ethnic Diversity

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Post Updated: 4/11/18

See a personal offer below.

When I retired from Northeastern Seminary (NES) in 2008 and founded the ministries of the Rochester Connection, I was honored with the establishment of a scholarship in my name that represents a core value of Northeastern Seminary. 

The Brian Babcock Scholarship for Ethnic Diversity points to something that is unique among theological schools across the nation.  Since the Seminary’s formative years, God has brought together a community of believers that portrays the Church of Jesus Christ in all its diverse colors, cultures, and theological perspectives. 

While most traditional theological schools in the US and Canada have student bodies with less than 10% representation of races and ethnic groups other than their dominate population, Northeastern has been enriched by a student of more than 30% non-Caucasian.

In addition, as many of you know, students at NES come for over 30 different Christian Faith groups.


The interest earned on this endowed scholarship provides annual awards to ethnic students at Northeastern Seminary. *The current fund balance exceeded $69,682.58 in March, 2018.  

Because this is something near and dear to Carol’s and my heart, we partnered with the NES Advancement Office in 2012 to assist in growing this endowed investments. It is a blessing when God provides donors who are able to make large gifts, but in reality, many individuals giving smaller gifts make a big difference.

I invite individuals and congregations to consider one or more of the following possibilities:

  •       Make a one-time gift of $120 over the next year ($10/m); or

  •       Make a one-time gift of $240 over the next year ($20/m); or

  • Make a one-time gift of $500 over the next year ($42/m); or

  •       Make a one-time gift of $1000 over the next year ($83.33/m); or

  • Make a three-year pledge of $1,500 ($500/year or $42/m);  or

  • Sponsor a one-time or annual special offering at your local church or small group; or

  • Make the Ethnic Scholarship Fund a part of your congregation’s Annual Missions budget.


Special “Thank You” Offer from Brian and Carol:

For the first 10 individuals (each year) or congregations giving at least $500 we will gift you a Babcock Travels Photo Calendar – this is a $30.00 value mailed direct from Apple for those living outside the NES region. View the calendar sample pages.


All current gifts will be DOUBLED by a Gift given to Roberts Wesleyan College some years back. The offer still stands. So your gift of $120 becomes $240 and your gift of $1000 will be deposited as $2000.  

(I’m sounding like a promotion for Public Radio. My Apologies offered)


Give a gift that keeps on giving year after year! The cost of have seminary trained Christian leaders continues to rise while the income most will receive after graduation remains flat.

In its first seven years (2009-2015), fourteen students have benefited from these investments. A total of nearly $12,000 has been awarded.

If you are in a position to consider such an investment in the leadership of Christ’s Church, then please download and complete the Brian Babcock Ethnic Scholarship Gift Form. Further instructions are provided on the form.

All gifts are processed by the Office of Advancement at the College and Seminary.  If you have any questions you can also contact or at 800.777.4RWC and ask for Max McGinnis.


Read the Latest NES Newsletter: ResOund


Rev. Dr. Brian & Carol Babcock,
1998-2008: NES Founding Administrator; Asst. Dean, Asst. Professor of Spiritual Formation, and Director of the D.MIN. Program


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