Our cities are the gathering place of culture, human capital, and change. If we want to see every nook, cranny, and neighborhood filled with life and restoration, we need to fill our cities with missional communities.” 

Michael Stewart, Founder/Director Verge Conference and Network

One of the statements in the Rochester Connection’s Vision Statement, when we launched eight years ago, references the establishment of “Ministering Communities” around the City of Rochester, NY. These were envisioned as informal places where people gathered in homes, coffee shops,  or local restaurants to be Jesus’ Apprentices [disciples] in caring, supporting, and encouraging one another and, as such, transforming lives and neighborhoods for the Kingdom of God.

Sound like a “small group?”  Well yes, but the emphasis here is focused on your neighborhood families. One pastor I know, has made a point to go to his local coffee shop (which he enjoyed doing anyway) and has built a relationship with the “regulars” over the years.

I’d love to hear if you are engaged in this kind of disciple making venture or would like to be. Use the RESPONSE FORM at the bottom to let me know.

[ I have requested permission to post a recent article from the VERGE Network on this subject but it is covered by copyright laws so I can only link to it. CLICK HERE to read the article on line. They have free “sign up” to access many other resources,  but you can scroll down to the article “WHY YOUR CITY NEEDS MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES” regardless.]

Carol and I have been blessed to be part of a home gathering like this that we drive to every Sunday evening in Rochester.

Brian Babcock, Executive Director

* Michael Stewart: Founder and Director of the Verge Conference and Verge Network, a network create d as an advocate and champion for movements of missional communities. He is also Pastor of Missional Communities at Austin Stone Community Church.


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