Leadership: Need Not be Deterred by Your Circumstance

In a SoJo article by Lisa Sharon Harper entitled “Moses Rising” on 05/14/2014, I was challenged by her picture of the circumstances which gave birth to some of our most significant leaders in the Bible and in our history.

What other biblical leaders, prophets, judges, etc. come to mind who followed God’s leading in impossible circumstances and altered the course of history?

As you read this excerpt, perhaps there is a “God Calling” on your life you’ve been denying because of your circumstances. What might God be able to do through you if you stopped complaining, arguing, or rationalizing and just stepped up to the plate and said “not my will but yours be done, Lord”?


Moses Rising

In one of the screen-saved memories cataloged from my childhood, I sit in the living room, cross-legged, chin supported by two fists, staring up at moving pictures flashing across a small screen. On network television — because we didn’t have cable back then — Moses (aka Charlton Heston) led thousands of his people out of captivity. They just walked out of Egypt — streams of them. And then they reached the Red Sea.

Illustration of Moses parting the Red Sea, Ron and Joe / Shutterstock.com

Illustration of Moses parting the Red Sea, Ron and Joe / Shutterstock.com

The Egyptian army was at their back, pressing in. In that moment, though they had left captivity, freedom was not a done deal. They still had to cross over. They were still at war. They still had to outrun an army trained to kill or enslave them again.

Heston — I mean Moses — stood straight-backed on the bank of the Red Sea. He lifted his staff and put it down at the edge of the water, and a miracle took place in living rooms across America. The sea parted. I’ll never forget that moment. This moment was crafted before the digital era — before Disney’s Prince of Egypt, even before Star Wars, and yet it was still awe-inspiring. My eyes focused like lasers watching whole families cross a sea on foot.

Moses led. He was not a king. He was a foster child. He was not from the dominant culture. He was from an enslaved people. He was not a great orator. He stuttered, but he led anyway. He said “Yes” to God’s call and leaned into it. And because he did, the people were set free.

Most people consider the story of Moses a fable, myth, or maybe even ancient history — but not the kind of history capable of repeating itself. Except that it has been repeated. History is rampant with faith-filled Moseses!

William Wilberforce, Fredrick Douglass, Charles Finney, Sojourner Truth, Phoebe Palmer, Harriet Beecher Stowe were all Moseses of their day. And there was a woman who personally led some 70 enslaved human-beings to freedom. Her unrelenting faith and courage earned Harriet Tubman the nickname Moses, bestowed by leading abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison….”

Read Lisa Sharon Harper’s full article in SoJo and her message about joining forces in a movement called “My Brothers’ Keeper.”  [Click Here]


Reflection Question:

Know someone who sees a need; his or her passion is flamed, but their response thus far is one like these?

“But, I’m (too old/ too young/ too poor/ just a girl;”  
“Nothing can be done about this.”  “The problem is too big.”  “Change is too risky.” “People will disown me.” “I don’t have enough training.” “No one will listen to me.”

Why not tell them the story of one of those mentioned in the article above and encourage them to trust God and follow the urgings the Spirit places in their heart?

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