Introduction to Faith and Finances Workshops

Introduction to Faith & Finances

The Faith & Finances curriculum has been developed to provide local churches with a tool for equipping vulnerable individuals and families in their community with a biblical vision for how the comprehensive healing of Jesus encompasses finances. Through Faith & Finances, the local church is equipped to:

  • Transfer basic, technical financial management skills
 to vulnerable people in their congregation or community;
  • Build awareness among vulnerable families of financial practices and systems and how to overcome real world pitfalls on the path to financial health; and
  • Encourage vulnerable people, showing them that they are known and loved by God, and that God can provide peace, healing, and freedom in their relationship with Him, with others, with themselves, and with their money.

Faith & Finances is a series of twelve sessions on financial literacy. Each 90-minute session is designed to meet the learning needs of those who struggle to manage their money. Through group discussions, participants gain important information and skills relevant to their everyday lives.

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Faith & Finances is distinct from other financial education programs in that it is:

  • Built on a relational view of poverty (based on the framework of the book When Helping Hurts by Fikkert and Corbett);
  • Designed for the realities of financially vulnerable adults in the US; and
  • Uses an interactive educational approach to encourage honest, practical application.

Faith & Finances classes meet weekly in small groups (typically 5-20 people) to learn and practice new money management skills in collaboration with others.

Groups are intended to include not only facilitators and participants (the target group of those who are struggling financially), but also allies who serve as supportive and encouraging mentors who walk with the class members who want to make changes.

The mission of Chalmers’ US Training arm is to equip churches in North America to fulfill their gospel calling to restore broken relationships and become agents of transformation among the materially poor in their communities. 

By using Faith & Finances as a holistic ministry tool, authentic, healthy relationships can be formed across socioeconomic lines. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we desire to see low-income persons gain practical skills to decrease financial vulnerability, and middle-to upper-income persons gain relational skills to walk humbly with people over time.

Rev. Dr. Brian and Carol Babcock have been licensed by the Chalmers Center to lead Faith and Finance Facilitator workshops.

Updated 2/2/16