Flower City Work Camp 2014 Picture History

Thank you to those who have financially supported this project and who have prayed for the safety of our volunteer workers.

This page provides a running history of the Home repair project in which the Flower City Work Camp and the Rochester Connection partnered to replace an aging roof and a much needed bath tub.

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Before Pictures: The Roof 

100_0937    100_0593

Before picture: The old fiberglass bath tub: (Note major crack in base)

IMG_3378                        IMG_3377

Day #1 April 14, 2014

Click to see Day #1 Videos:  First    Second

FCWC’s “Site 9” students arrived amid threatening rain and started on the west side of the roof. See all student’s names and the churches they represent at the bottom of this page.

IMG_3386      IMG_3388

View of what lined the corner of Weeger and Thomas street

IMG_3389      IMG_3390 IMG_3393       IMG_3395

Day #2:  April 15, 2014

[Below] Snow and c-o-l-d halted the roof work at this point this morning.

IMG_3396      IMG_3397

[Below] A new challenge–with snow melt off and more heavy rains the sewer line has backed up into the basement! We hope to get a “volunteer” licensed plumber to check out options for us. Yes, that is 2-5 inches of contaminated rain water in the basement.  Reminds me of a church we remodeled a couple of years back 😦

IMG_3398         IMG_3399

[Below]  With bad weather outside the work moved inside. Old fiberglass tub was removed (right). New porcelain covered steel tub being installed.

IMG_3400 IMG_3402

Below: View from back. Old shingles still in place.


With good weather,  the Team hopes to remove the old roofing and apply the new decking  on Wednesday–the last day the high school students will be available.

Thanks for your prayers for dry weather and safety for all on the roof.

Day #3:  April 16, 2014

This is the last day the FCWC Team will be here. Rochester Connection volunteers will then finish the work along with Dick Herman and Herman Construction CO.

If you have a home improvement project to contract out, I strongly recommend you contact Dick and let him give you a fair and honest bid on your next job.

Ph: 585.255.0902 /email: cherman1@rochester.rr.com

Compare to the last picture on Day #2 Above. Starting with the original wood shingles there were at some 6 layers of old shingles on this roof.


The new bath tub and five side panels installed

IMG_3407               IMG_3409

Tearing the old shingles off on the east side begins.

IMG_3411 IMG_3417

The FCWC Teens and Leaders eating lunch

IMG_3406      IMG_3410

Click to see Day 3 Videos:  First    Second    Third

 Click to see the Certificate of Appreciation given to each student volunteer

Day #4 (Post FCWC Team)

Closing in on “done.” The new “team” of David McKnight, Ron Gilliam, (me) Brian, joined Dick Herman and Tim to continue the work begun by the FCWC high school team.

Ron, Tim, and Dick removed the old shingles and hammered in or removed countless hundreds of nails from the east side, then applied new decking and got a start of the new shingles.

Click to see Day 4 Videos:  First    Second   Third

IMG_3421 IMG_3424

David McKnight                                                   Ron Gilliam

IMG_3430     IMG_3431

The garbage “claws” arrived

IMG_3440 IMG_3434

David took my picture 🙂

IMG_3444  IMG_3448

Roof sealed in at the close of Day 4


Day #5 (Good Friday)

The final day.

Chris, a member of Dick Herman’s summer work crew, join us for part of the day and made quick work of shingling most of the main roof on the east side. I (Brian) focused on the inside–adding an extension PVC pipe to the flush out in the basement and adding a screw down cap to close off what was just a broken, open-ended 3″ pipe. Then it was on to the bathroom project. Dick and the FCWC team had installed the new steel tub and side panels, I spent the afternoon caulking the seams, and then cutting and fitting molding around the tub, partition walls, and sink. Dick and Tim finished up the roof and installed the ridge vent, and gutters. David McKnight and I did some major cleanup of the remaining roof debris along Thomas and Weeger street as the “claw” and garbage truck returned.

Five very full days culminated three years of praying and planning for this project.

A major “Thank You” goes out to the following students who worked on this project team:

  • Brian Kwok: Rochester Christian Chinese Church
  • Amanda Redman: Lima Baptist
  • Nathan Zariczny: Browncroft
  • Abby Ruth: Browncroft
  • Adrianus Veenje: Rochester Christian Reformed
  • Isabel Morse: Lima Baptist
  • Jane Griepp: Calvary Chapel Rochester
  • Elizabeth Haltiner: Perinton Community
  • Micah Harrow: Covenant Life

A special appreciation and gratitude goes to the Herman Construction Company:

  • Dick Herman
  • Tim
  • Chris

A couple of Rochester Connection volunteers:

  • David McKnight
  • Ron Gilliam
  • Yours truly: Brian

And the Flower City Work Camp organization.


Chris Joined us.                                                    Dick and Tim finish work

IMG_3452    IMG_3453

What a Ridge Vent looks like                            East side finished!

install-roof-ridge-vent            IMG_3463

West side finished!                                              Flush out PVC pipe extended and capped

IMG_3455    IMG_3459

Molding cut and installed                                   New Tub finished and new seat assembled

IMG_3460    IMG_3462

Dick Herman and our gracious home owner Mrs. Annie Z. Harris


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