Heart & Soul Community Church, Rochester, NY


[Update] On Sunday 3/30/14 Pastor Louis returned to his calling as Pastor of Heart & Soul Community after a 3-month Sabbatical following the passing of Pastor Joanne Colon.



On December 16, 2013 the Heart and Soul Community Church lost its beloved co-Pastor Joanne Green-Colon following a rare but fatal episode during the delivery of her second child.

To date many individuals along with several congregations, have contributed $10,980.50 to a compassion fund toward the expenses of her funeral, legal fees, and the ongoing needs of her husband, Pastor Louis, in the care of their 7-year-old son Daniel and baby Sara Sofia. A check in that amount was issued to Pastor Louis the week on 3/16/14.

RC extends it heartfelt appreciation to 34 families/individuals along with the following congregations who have come alongside this family in the last two months:

  • Free Methodist Church North America
  • Park Ridge FMC, Rochester, NY
  • Northeastern Seminary
  • Canasawacta Valley FMC, Norwich, NY
  • Community of the Savior, Rochester, NY
  • Nash Road FMC, Tonawanda, NY

Thank You to the Pearce Memorial congregation in N. Chili, NY  for providing their facilities to host the viewing hours and the Memorial service and all the administrative and technical support needed for both. Thank you to the Heart and Soul family which continues to provide weekly meals and other needed support.

This RC Compassion fund remains open.  Anyone wishing to provide support for (1) this strategically placed inner city Church or (2) for the Colon family over the course of this year as Louis provides for his young family. Both Pastor Louis and Pastor Joanne have been”tentmaker” pastors receiving housing allowance from this small congregation and supporting themselves.

Contributions for one or more of the Rochester Connections projects may be made out to “The Rochester Connection” and mailed to 33 Parnell Dr. Churchville, NY 14428.  Use the “MEMO” line to indicate the specific project –Colon Compassion Fund or Heart & Soul Ministries.

All gifts are tax deductible and receipted at the end of the year.  Funds are held by the Genesis Conference of the Free Methodist Church. No officer or director of the RC receives compensation from these funds and no fees are removed from donations.

The Colon Family

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