Faith & Finance Victory Stories

Testimonials From 2015

Page Updated: 4/9/16

[Edited out of a letter received from Sonia, a Faith & Finances student in 2015]

“… My first weeks [in the Workshop] I found out that between bills, wants and needs, I had spent over $1400. I was shocked and knew I needed to get a hold on things.

 I decided I wanted to save $1,875 for a home program I was in. I had to save $125 a month for 15 months but I needed to work a little harder and save the money in 12 months. That means I needed to save $156.25 a month, $31.25 more than I initially planned on saving. …

I like to eat out at restaurants so I figured I wouldn’t eat out until I saved the money. …

I worked two jobs, one as an administrative assistant, the other as a hair stylist. … I knew I had to save $156.25 a month. I divided it by 4 for 4 weeks in a month. That meant I needed $39.06 a week. Next I divided by five days for the days I work at the shop; that meant I needed to save $7.81 a day. It was much more manageable when the numbers are smaller.

I saved some money and it wasn’t hard at all. I felt like I had really accomplished something and I did.

Now I look at everything I spend and ask myself, “Is it a want or a need?” Right now I don’t need anything but God and the mindset to save ….” 

Brian & Carol Babcock

F&F Testimonies

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Since taking the Faith and Finances class I:

  • Have a written budget that I stick to monthly
  • I have totally eliminated Time Warner Cable $270.00 monthly. With Dish I get the same package but for $110.00 monthly
  • I have gone on my daughters account for phone service. Was paying $63.00 monthly no insurance to $37.00 monthly with insurance
  • I am now able to give my monthly tithe. Plus the girls and I are able to have girls’ night out or in.


Here is a must see report on the dangers of Payday Loan InstitutionsCLICK HERE


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