Ethnic Diversity Scholarship Fund Update

Posted: 7/22/14

A Very Special Thank You!

Dateline July 22, 2014:  Lighthouse Christian Camp: Keen Kamp contributed $3,000 to the Rochester Connection as part of its 2014 Mission Project Offering. $2,500 was given to the  Ethnic Diversity Scholarship at Northeastern Seminary. This gift is being matched dollar for dollar. With this $5,000 total contribution the funds principle now exceeds $52,000 for the first time.

The balance of $500 went to the RC ministries fund in Rochester.

Return to: Ethnic Diversity Scholarship page.

Diversity Scholarship gift

Receiving a check for $2500

Left to Right in picture:
Max McGinnis: NES Development Office;
Brian Babcock, Ex. Dir. Rochester Connection;
Douglas Cullum, VP & Dean Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College

Contact us with your interest in seeing this endowed scholarship continue to grow and to enabled still other men and women to prepare for leadership in Christ’s Church. Could you invest $500.00 a year ($42.00/month)?

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