Consulting & Teaching Ministries Etc.

Ministries Facilitated in Recent Years by Rev. Dr. Brian and Carol Babcock


External Reviewer for the NY SED

English Language Communications Workshops

Faith & Finances Workshops

Winter Clothes for Kids Projects

Reclamation and Landscaping Project at Heart and Soul Community Church

The spring and fall witnessed a major transformation of the one-acre lot behind the H&S ministry site. Bulldozers, tree removal equipment, mulching machines, and hour of raking and lawn seeding has made the entire acre usable for children and teen ministries.

FMC USA Ordination Requirements

Rev. Dr. Brian Babcock taught a New Testament Survey course for the ReQuip Institute in Orlando, FL.

Sound of the Genuine Biblical Institute, Buffalo NY

Rev. Dr. Brian Babcock taught a nine week, three credit, Old Testament Survey and a New Testament Survey course in the Certificate in Christian Ministry program

Rochester Family Mission

The RC is with Rev. Barbara Thomas to promote and recruit volunteers tutors for RFM’s After School mentoring ministry.

Sound of the Genuine Biblical Institute, Buffalo NY

SOTG is a three-year Certificate in Christian Ministry program hosted by  Elim Christian Fellowship  of Buffalo, NY.  Rev. Babcock has been involved is developing the curriculum, constructing standardize syllabi, and in teaching in this ministry for the last six years and before that while on staff at NES.

Brian’s current (2104) consulting work involves (1) re-drafting the curriculum from a 3-year to a 2-year program of the same credit hours; (2) developing a Student & Academic Handbook, (3) Creating a Budget workbook, (4) Helping to process the new agreement with NES and RWC for college credit for SGBI graduates, and (5) brainstorming the means and implications of taking the school on-line.

Port Charlotte, FL UMC

Rev. Dr. Brian Babcock recently (April 2014) assisted Dr. Daryl L. Smith (Asbury Seminary South and The Orlando Fellowship) in a day long church leadership consultation on discipleship at this UMC congregation.



Elim Bible Institute, Lima, NY

Rev. Dr. Babcock lead the Administration Team of this eighty-year old historic Bible College through a multi-year application process with the State of New York ending in approval to offer the Associates of Science Degree in Biblical Studies. EBI and is now applying for accreditation.

Barrytown College, Barrytown, NY April 18-20, 2012

Served as Chair of NYS Peer Review Site Team at Barrytown College’s regarding their application to be recognized as a college in NY State.

Christ Community Church, Rochester, NY October 2010-June 2011

Leadership Training & Strategic Planning for this new congregation. (Once a month sessions)

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