Faith & Finances Workshop

Page Updated: 12/29/18


New Groups Now Forming 

Download the “Registration Form” below to sign up now or express your interest in a future workshop. 

While workshop sessions are conducted at specific  ministry sites, this is an independent ministry through licensing by Chalmers Center.


Listen to Personal Testimony of one Who Attended

Read these testimonials and then consider if you should sign up


What you need to know to join the next group:

  • Registration Fee:

    • Individuals – $15.00

    • Married/Engaged Couples – $25.00

    • HS Students: $10.00

    • Parent and High School Teen: $20.00

  • Deadline for Registration: One month before the start date. Late registrations will only be allowed if workbooks are available. We  order extra workbooks to accommodate a few late arrivals. 

  • The Registration Fee covers a student workbooks, supplies, and travel for the facilitator team.

  • The Host Organization or Congregation is asked to provide childcare provided for children up to 3-years of age and to provide a meal or snacks before or after the schedule workshop time.

  • Time Commitment: There are twelve, sequential, 90-minute workshops over 12 weeks with assignments to complete at home between each session.

  • Click Here to view an outline of the twelve topics covered in the workshops. Most sessions include an additional time for a group meal or refreshments before the workshop.

  • Participants: Individuals are welcomed from multiple ministries (congregations) or social service agencies. However, we ask that at least two participants be registered from each site. This is to ensure each will have a contact and/or an accountability partner during and after the workshops.

  • Workshop Size: Registration is limited to 15-20 participants per session.

  • Typical Workshop Schedule: Light supper or snacks provided from 5:30-6:00p.m.  Workshop runs from 6:00-7:30p.m. This can be moved later into the evening. Day time workshops are available.

  • General InformationA minimum of 7 individuals is usually required for any one workshop to launch.  

 Registration Forms


Use the Contact Form to email your information


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