Ongoing Ministry Projects 2017-2018

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Page Updated 4/13/2018

2017-18 Ministry Projects 

(See Updates notes below each ministry listed.)


  • Uduk Hope Education Incentive Lunch Program: Doro Refugee Camp, South Sudan. 

Description: The RC would provide an initial grant of $150 a month for 12-months ($1,800.00 each year). This new program seeks to provide meals in the seven schools located on the Doro Camp. By doing so Uduk Hope will address the current food crisis and encourage children to attend school. Each $150 grant will provide a meal for 700-800 students for one day. An Uduk Hope team, selected by church leaders at the camp, administers this program in cooperation with Save the Children NGO. This grant is a small start to help Uduk Hope promote their current fundraising efforts. 

Fifteen Team One Hundred 20 gifts* will be needed to fund this for one year. Additional pledges or gifts will be included in a 2018 commitment.

UPDATE: Thank you!

$1,800.00 was sent to Uduk Hope Inc. to fulfill this commitment for 2017.


  • Rochester Connection College Scholarship Fund

Description:The RC would provide a number of $1,000 annual scholarships for qualifying students from participating churches in Rochester, NY. Scholarships would be available to individuals accepted to any accredited 2-or 4-year degree programs or technical training schools. Scholarship monies will be sent directly to the school and credited to the student’s account. The number of scholarships each year would be based on Team One Hundred2 fund raising success.

Nine Team One Hundred 20 gifts* are needed for each scholarship. 

UPDATE: Thank you!

Funding is available and we are awaiting our first two Scholarship applications for 2018!  As additional funding is available we will fund additional scholarships.


  • Uduk Hope College Scholarship Fund

Description: The RC would provide two $500 scholarships in January 2018 for qualified students in the refugee camps in Ethiopia and South Sudan in support of Uduk Hope, Inc. The scholarships would be awarded to students meeting the matriculation requirements of the approved college with funds sent directly to the college. 
This amount would provide Tuition, Room, and Board for one year for two full-time students.

Nine Team One Hundred 20 gifts* needed to fund this for one year. 

UPDATE: Thank You!

$1,000 is ready to be awarded upon finalizing a written agreement with Assosa University in Ethiopia! Funds, and the awarding of them will be handled by the Uduk Hope Church Leadership Team on site in the Ethiopian Refugee Camps


  • Heart and Soul Community Church Parking Lot Renovation and Expansion

Description: This is a major project that the congregation has delayed for several years. The current lot needs repairs and repaving. The driveway (exit) on the North side needs grading and paving and additional parking spaces will be added to the rear of the building now that the trees have been removed or trimmed. Part of the paving in the rear of the building will also be used for providing sports ministries during the week and parking on Sundays.   Final cost estimates are being solicited but we know this will run $50,000-$60,000 (??). 

This will require some major gifts along with Team One Hundred 20 support.


The City approved the sale of the vacated adjacent vacated lot north of H&S (the old burned out MoJoe’s Restaurant) last fall (2017). The Mayor of Rochester NY will be attending an April 2018 meeting with the Heart & Soul Leadership Team to observe initiatives the Congregation is taking to minister to its neighbors. A benefit Concert will be held in June to help in this fund raising. We are still hopeful that the RC will be able to assist in funding part of this project in 2018! 


  •  Two-Day Workshops: Marketplace Ministries: Living as a Follower of Jesus

Description: The Rochester Connection is seeking a host site for this seminar-workshop facilitated by Rev. Dr. Daryl L. Smith. Daryl is Associate Professor of Mentored Ministries & Christian Leadership at Asbury Seminary-FL. He also provides leadership for the Orlando Fellowship Team-an incarnational serving community. 

Team One Hundred 20 support to be determined


This ministry is still being considered for scheduling in  2018 following Dr. Smith’s retirement from Asbury Seminary in June.


  • Puerto Rico Hurricane Emergency Fund Request:

Description:The RC has raised and forwarded a $250 gift to assist in the purchase of electric generators for several churches in Puerto Rico. These will be used by the congregations involved as they minister to their stricken communities and will provide power for work teams arriving to help in the clean-up and rebuilding.

 UPDATE. Thank You!

As stated these funds have already been put to much needed use in this ongoing and often ignored crisis in Puerto Rico.


*The number of  Team One Hundred 20 gifts listed to underwrite each project is based on individual gifts of $120  (i.e., 15 Team One Hundred 20 gifts = $1,800). Larger individual gifts would reduce the overall number required.


  • Faith and Finances 12-Week Workshops

We have completed facilitating a fourth and fifth Workshop with a total of  13 individuals participating (Spring and Summer 2017). Scheduling for fall 2017 and spring 2018 is underway. Click for Registration information and Forms.

No Team One Hundred 20 support is needed. This project has been self-supporting based on current registrations and the facilitators receive no compensation.


  • English Language Communications Workshop

Carol Babcock is facilitating this ministry currently housed at Heart and Soul Community Church. Click Here to view Workshop Site. 

Several hundred dollars from the RC Education Budget Line continues to support this Workshop in the purchase of reading and writing resources. The facilitators receive no compensation. No fees are required for the meeting room as all participants thus far are members of the Heart and Soul congregation.


  • The Northeastern Seminary’s “Brian Babcock Scholarship for Ethnic Diversity.”

When Rev. Dr. Brian D. Babcock (the RC’s Executive Director) retired from Northeastern Seminary (NES) in 2008 and founded the ministries of the Rochester Connection, he was honored with the establishment of a scholarship in his name that represents a core value of Northeastern Seminary. This scholarship program points to something that is unique among theological schools across the nation. READ MORE  See the special THANK YOU gift offer from Rev. Babcock and his wife Carol.

A personal Goal of initially endowing this fund at $100,000.00 has been prayerfully established by Brian and Carol. This would allow over $5000.00 in scholarship gifts to be awarded each and every year. The fund stands at more than $60,000.00  in 2018 and has already benefited many students in it first ten years.

Gifts go directly to NES and are doubled by the Development Office. 


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