On Being The Church

New Post: 8/13/18


Here are a few Quotes from PhillipYancey’s book “Church: Why Bother–My Personal Pilgrimage.”  

  1. As you read each, what images or thoughts come to mind that express your journey of Faith and your experiences in and with the Christian congregations you have been part of since childhood?
  2. Take a sheet of paper and write out your best definition of the purpose of the Church.
  3. Can you articulate areas of your present view of the Church that are the same or different from the views you found being expressed at earlier stages of your faith journey?
  4. What, if any, of Yancey’s experiences in the Church do you find yourself agreeing with, or identifying with, or disagreeing with? Why?


Yancey Quote

From “Legalism” to “Grace” to Embracing a “New Identity!”


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