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Featured Photo Above: Durand Lake, Rochester, NY

Page Updated: 7/22//2018

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  • Check out the BLOG section with more links to articles, sermons, and book summaries on issues related to being active followers of Jesus in our world today.
    • Five Gifts  (NEW 7/22//18)
    • Preaching Racism From the White Pulpit   (NEW 4/18/18)
    • Self Imposed Limits  (NEW 4/16/2018)
    • Jesus Shut It Down and they Murdered Him For It  (NEW 4/16/2018)
    • Already but not Yet, ”  “… As we anticipate the time when all things will be made fully new (Rev 21:4–5), we can actively participate in the kingdom of God now (Matt 4:17). As we surrender to the reign of God, we will begin to experience the Kingdom of God now—as God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 6:9–15).”
    • On Being A Follower Of JesusThis is the Main Tab!  There are several pages linked under this Tab containing full articles,  collections of excerpts along and some reflection questions from recent publications that focus our attention on being a disciples (an Apprentice) of Jesus then and now. I have reposted some for recent years as well. Check them out!
  • View the latest updates on the 2017-2018 RC Ministry Projects.
  • Uduk Hope tabs and Pages.
  • Pray for new Peace talks for South Sudan being held in Ethiopia this month. This is not a distance land for some of us as so many trouble spots are around the world. We have known and worked alongside 10 very special Sudanese families in Rochester for 10 years now. All have family members in various UN Refugee Camps across South Sudan and Ethiopia. All get reports of loved ones and family members being injured or killed throughout each passing year. (See Genesis 4) Cain is still killing his brother. And Abel’s blood still cries out from the earth for Justice, Freedom, and Salvation.
  • Last Supper with Twelve Tribe 
  • Catch up on the latestChristine’s Blog.”  See the line of  Ethiopian Dresses being offered as fund raisers. [Past Blogs are available on this site.]

Uduk Hope dresses

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